Biting is common for toddlers and is not a reflection of you as a parent. My daughter is more likely to bite when she’s hungry; having crunchy and spicy snacks throughout the day helps meet her oral stimulation need. Biting is common but decreases or stops by 3 – 3.5.

Here are some strategies to prevent biting:

1. Shift your child’s attention: if you can see your child on the verge of biting, read a book, change the scenery, play with a toy.

2. Help your child with different ways to handle the situation: Tell Tony you don’t like it when he gets so close, say “No, Stop.” or “I don’t like that.”

3. Offer something she can safely bite or chew: crackers or a teether.

4. Help with sharing and taking turns: Sharing is the most common biting trigger. Model how to take turns.

5. Read books about biting: some options are,

  • Teeth Are Not for Biting by Elizabeth Verdickoffsite
  • No Biting by Karen Katzoffsite
  • No Biting, Louise by Margie Palatini

What won’t help is shaming, harsh punishment, and biting your child back. These actually increase biting.

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