Common Parenting Concerns

Raising LGBTQ+ Allies

A great place to begin raising LGBTQ+ allies is talking about families.  Families can look like a different number of parents, grandparents raising kids, two moms or two dads, or any number of other situations. If your child comes to you with a question, you can answer with a question to figure out what they areContinue reading “Raising LGBTQ+ Allies”

Parenting Alignment

We are all hardwired to repeat what we saw at home. So know that we are all doing the best we can with the information we have. We all have a story from our childhood, and it’s hard to change a lifetime of patterning, it takes lots of practice. Here are some tips for whenContinue reading “Parenting Alignment”


Biting is common for toddlers and is not a reflection of you as a parent. My daughter is more likely to bite when she’s hungry; having crunchy and spicy snacks throughout the day helps meet her oral stimulation need. Biting is common but decreases or stops by 3 – 3.5. Here are some strategies toContinue reading “Biting”

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