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Services listed below are available to start 10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Appointments can be over the phone, on three-way calls with partner and/or other caregiver, or via Zoom (we email you a link, and you simply click on it.)

Rene Thomsen is a wife and a mom to a spunky toddler. She is also a mental health therapist specializing in adoption and attachment trauma. She has a passion for working with children and their families to foster and build connection and attachment.  She loves her job and her family and is continuously navigating how to balance all of her roles. Rene strives to share knowledge and insight she gains through all of her experiences.

Attachment Assessment

Parents often wonder how they can better understand a child’s behavior. You may have concerns about the child’s attachment security with you. You may notice subtle behavioral changes due to recent changes in the family, such as divorce, a new sibling, or a loss in the family that you’d like to address.

During 3-4 sessions consultation and attachment assessment are adminstered, parents are empowered to gain new insights and practical strategies that can create a more harmonious relationship with their child. Parents will explore the child’s underlying feelings and motives as well as their own behavior in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.

How It Works:

Session 1: Parents discuss their developmental or behavioral questions/concerns.

Session 2: The child and one parent, then the child and the other parent (if applicable) complete a series of simple tasks designed to elicit a range of behaviors in the child. The videotaped interaction takes 30-60 minutes for each session.

Session 3 and 4: Feedback session with caregivers only. Feedback is discussed to highlight positive interactions and strengths, areas for improvement, and to demonstrate the most effective ways to engage with their child. A written list of recommendations, strategies, and resources will ​also be provided, and a formal report may be written for an additional fee.


Parent Coaching

We meet for 1½ hours for the first appointment and 1 hour after that.  Typically, parents have four appointments, after which they decide whether to continue, based on their individual needs.

There is a wide range of subjects that parents may wish to discuss during a family consultation:

  • infants’ sleeping, feeding, holding, and emotional regulation
  • toddlers’ emerging push for autonomy and control, tantrums, aggression, sleep issues, separation, language development, toileting, adjustment to day care or pre-school
  • discipline and limit setting
  • issues between siblings 
  • dealing with major changes and/or crises in the family

During the coaching:

  • your concerns will be explored and discussed in depth
  • you will get feedback about your child’s development and functioning
  • you will be given practical suggestions for dealing with the issue that concerns you the most 

At the end of the coaching series, the parents and professionals together will decide if further help is needed.  When indicated, families may be referred for specific evaluations or ongoing treatment.

$100, per session

Parent Consultation

We meet for 30 minutes. Consulting services are designed to help you resolve specific concerns or issues which come up in the course of parenting.  The sessions are non-judgmental, upbeat and educational with an emphasis on immediate and practical solutions tightly connected to the developmental stages of childhood.  Written follow up is provided after each session.


Rene is warm and kind and provides a wealth of parenting knowledge. She helps without shaming and is a great support and resource to our family.

Annie L.

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